Pretty Woman – The Musical at Thrivent Hall

Pretty Woman - The Musical Tickets

Thrivent Financial Hall At Fox Cities Performing Arts Center | Appleton, Wisconsin

Pretty Woman - The Musical

A play of this magnitude rarely occurs. On Saturday 28th October 2023, at Thrivent Financial Hall At Fox Cities Performing Arts Center , you WILL witness the most spectacular rendition of Pretty Woman. It is unquestionably THE Cinderella narrative told by the most incredible cast in delicate costumes, all complimented by a world-class musical score; it's got it all. You'll need to act quickly because this is "Pretty Woman," and tickets are certainly going to sell out. Get your hands on some right this second before someone else beats you to it.

Everyone is absolutely ecstatic that "Pretty Woman," the epic Julia Roberts film, has been transformed into a smash-hit theater production. Despite their differences, Vivian and Edward are poised to fall for each other and learn more about themselves in the process. A businessman hires an escort to accompany him for the week, but they quickly establish feelings for each other beyond those of employer and employee. During her week in town, Vivian gets a taste of Edward's luxurious Beverly Hills lifestyle but finally decides to stay true to herself. Songs like "Something About Her," "Never Give Up on a Dream," "Together Forever," "You're Beautiful," "I Can't Go Back," and dozens more will be performed to thunderous applause. This astonishingly dramatic new adaptation of this classic romantic drama will make you rediscover all your favorite movie moments and discover new depths to the familiar characters. You will feel your heart and spirit being lifted by the musical. Tickets will sell out pretty quickly as so many people will want to see this musical, so be sure to buy your tickets right now!

Pretty Woman - The Musical at Thrivent Financial Hall At Fox Cities Performing Arts Center

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